The term Customer relationship management is a kind of technology used for managing and taking care goal of Customer relationship management is simple, to improve the relationships in business. It is a system that is used for aiding and building relationships between customer and to improve their profitability and also streamline the processes that are used for business. It also helps in strengthening and maintaining the business relationships. There is also a system in CRM because when people refer to CRM, they usually refer to the CRM system which is a vital tool for contact management, productivity and management of sales etc. etc. Customer relationship management not only helps to stress on the organizational relationships but also with interpersonal relationships among individuals. It is done usually with customers, supplier, colleagues and often with the service users during the lifecycle with them. It involves the process of finding new customer, giving support and services that are additional throughout the relationship and also aid in succession of business. 

This phrase ‘ Customer Relationship Management’ is a whole idea that defines how you and your business interacts with the potential customer and customers. Mostly people are of the view that it is merely a system which helps in capturing people, customers but this is not true. It surely is a part of the whole picture but it performs more tasks like involving technology to collect the intelligence that you require to support for improvement of your services to your customers. It is basically what you do with the information that you got in order to meet needs of the customer which can help you in gaining more profit and identifying new customer’s

Common examples of CRM applications

These are top ten enlisted applications for Customer Relationship Management. Some of the most common ones are, Zoho, Pipedrive , Zendesk Sell Pipeliner, Nimble, SharpSpring, Salesforce HunSpotsales Hub, active campaign, Freshworks CRM. Main five of them are describe as following :

  • Sale-force

 is one of the most renowned customer relationship management application which is widely used and helps in all sorts of businesses of all sizes in order to maximise their sales, accelerate the business and automate task. It helps in making wise decisions for growing the business faster. This application offers the sales opportunity management, lead and contact management. Also mobile applications and workflow rules and automation. A-swell as customisable reports and dashboards


  • HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub is one of the powerful and easily accessible sales CRM. It has been useful in supervising ye process of sale because of being effortlessly incredible in its nature. This CRM application usually has configure price quota, sales engagement tools and functionality. On this platform of CRM, Sales Hub is created on HubSpot. In this application, the tools, the data of customer and working teams join hands to make a source of truth. It provides exceptionally outclass customer experiences with services and steadies that it has for business and everything to grow effectively.

  • Pipedrive

Is another example of application that is often used by smaller in quantity teams but usually with greater goals. It helps in visualising the companies sales pipeline and aids making it confirm that the conversations are not dropped off.

People considered it as one of most likeable because it is intuitive and easier to use. Manager often use it in-order to avoid nagging their to their teams.

  • Zendesk Sell

It is a force in sales with automation software which plays its role in enhancing the productivity , visibility of sales teams and also the process. It tools for management are often thought to difficult but Zendesk sell is specially made to make sure the tools are user friendly, keep the sales.

  • SharpSpring

It is one of the most comprehensive application and platform. In terms of functionality and performance, it is outclass as it gives robust features. It is an marketing platform with automation and offers behaviour based email marketing. It also involves the third party or native in CRM integration. Many renowned marketing agencies work with them and many must inquire about it. As they are one of the easiest to work with. It provides compatibility, and also connection with hundreds of other applications. It is 1/3 of cost of the competition as it is dynamic in nature and forms, has blog builders and social media teams.