Salesforce is a cloud based American Software Company which is located in San Francisco, California. Salesforce is a company that provides the services of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and it also sells certain complementary applications of enterprises which includes of customer services, analytics, application development, marketing automation and several clouds like sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, customs cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT with above 100,000 of customers globally.  

Salesforce was developed in 1999 by Marc Benioff (former executive Oracle ORCL) Dave Moellenhoff, Frank Dominguez and Parker Harris. This company has been recognized as the most successful and leading company that has magnificently employed the CRM software that is actually aloud based. Based on the employee satisfaction survey, it has been also ranked at number six by ‘Fortune’ magazine on a list of ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’.

So, that seems quite amazing about it and yes it is!

This software company provides the services of distributing the software, applications various models of hosts and then making them available and accessible online as it is a ‘Service as a Software’ (SaaS) cloud computing company. Salesforce services help the customers connect with businesses and in order to provide much information related to their customers. It allows the customers and potential partners to better connect with one another using the cloud computing technology and also providing them insights into their analytical services and apps. It helps the businesses to track   activity of the customers, marketing to the customers and many other such services.

Salesforce cloud software has reportedly been used by note that 150,000 companies that includes of Adidas (ADDYY), ADP, American Express (AXP) and also the renowned Amazon (AMZN). It has impressed a majority of customers when it crises a third quarter revenues of $4.5 billion that is up to 33% every year. As claimed by Salesforce services their applications are unique and wide ranging. While providing the customer services through CRM that includes of retaining the customers, attaining the customers and companies insights and maintaining to keep them happy and satisfied.

In order to connect and understand the customers, certain companies use Salesforce services to help in the growth and diversity of their customers and connecting them on a range of different levels. Their services allow the companies to seek the support and success of their customers while using their cloud based software. It helps in a variety of different functions like tracking the customers’ complaints, their analytics, managing the customer relationships and by accessing and cloud storing their users wherever in the world they are.

This article also sees that there is an increase in the revenues of several companies which use the Salesforce services software in the various areas. As per the sales revenues a total increment of 27% has been seen, in lead conversions it is 32%, customer satisfaction as 34% and a 56% of increase in cater deployment according to the official websites of the Salesforce cloud software services.

Salesforce services provides major functions of marketing, sales tracking, analyzing the performances and customer assistance to the companies using their software. Because there are certain very prolonged and diverse other applications and clouds so Salesforce services is indeed the best for the companies who are concerned about their performance and their customers. This computing software has various forms of clouds in it which assist in analyzing the data, having a strong and reliable customer relationship through their sales strategies and by implementing them in communication forums. In all, Salesforce services is the best which provides the companies and businesses everything at one place as from managing to marinating customers, providing communication services and also growing not only the customers but also streaming the revenues as well.

Salesforce not only provides companies the case and task management features but also their other intensifying and channeling services for important events. Through Salesforce and its services, customers are able to see and track their cases on their own and by enabling them to join a social networking site that is all about the conversations about the provision of analytical tools, email alerts, online searches, customer’s contacts and their powers.

The whole Salesforce services model is highly equitable with the customer relationship management (CRM) and the way it implements the artificial intelligence (AI) in this platform for the simplification of analytics in order to produce the most precise projection among other customary benefits. 

So, the next time you are looking for a computing cloud software, Salesforce is there for you with their remarkable customer services and assistance.


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