Top seven Business phone service, that makes your life easy

In your busy life schedule, how about the app that can help you to stay connected to your all app and update you. That can manage your all calls, you can easily work from anywhere, which protects your data and track your important data/files. In this modren era, where all your important app link in  one app so you dont needs to switch different app but easily control all your stuff from one app.  It’s a amazing app which make your life super easy and tention free.

The top Business Phone Service Providers:

  1. Jive:

This app is good for your business. As it can manage all your calls and meetings by connecting all your employs at one place. It can easily manage your all team members. This app is avaibile for both IOS and Android phone . You will get all the basic facilities which is important for business like call recording, auto attened call system, confrence call, dail by name, hold customer with good music tone and many more. An itnersting fact is that, the more you have Jiva user the less you have to pay.  

  • Grasshopper:

This app is superb and have a lot of factures that satisfied all types of customer. This app created by Google and very sensitive / secure about your data. This app is very useful for small business and easy to use. They not only  have call managing system but also teach how to code java.

  • Ooma:

Fit to your pocket ad fit to your lifestyle. Help to improve the berries I your business ad excess to all your workers. This is the popular app for business ma so ca make are recive multiple devices and also share your phone number with multiple user . It has high quality voice, You can download with  both IOS and Andriod phone. This app also work in abroad if you love to traveling so this app is your best friend to manage your buisness.

  • Vonage:

For business community it’s the best app that provides you a platform where you can check and control your all business calls at very low rates. This app connects you with your customers and business associates, so you are always up to date. It has very low monthly charges. It also provide international calls in very reasonable rates. You can talk free of cost with other Vonage user. So go and get the Vonage App to increase  your business productivity.


This app offers you some of the most simple business phone plans. They’re so affordable. You will love this app because its very user friendly. You can manage your business phone system from the one app. This app has more than 30 features which includes fax to email, SMS messaging, Call routing, CRM integration, International dialing, Auto attendant, HD conferencing, Call screening and blocking, Call queuing, call recording ad video conferencing. It is easily available in IOS and Android phone.

  • Nextiva :

This app is also very suitable for your small business . It has a lot of benifits. You can downlode it in your computer and phone also. You can make receive and transfer calls, manage your team with meetings, sharing screen, video calls and text massages. So you have easy excess to all the data. It is the best solution and a good source to manage your buisness calls and meetings.

  • Ring Central:

Ring central offer you special packages  for small businesses. It’s reliable, secure, easy to use, and delivers high-quality voice. Ring central is also very budget friendly. You can save more money with this amazing app. They provide you four packages. (1) The essentials package  (2) The standard package  (3) The premium package and (4) The Ultimate package. Its totally depends upon your usage which is the best for you to afford and complete your requriments.

All these app have a lot of benefits, it is not only use for calls but one can easily connected to their co-workers, clients, customers and buisness partners. These app makes life more easy because its very friendly, easy to manage, easy to downlode and  easy to control, so if you want to become a successful buisness man/woman, all you need to downlod one of these app to improve your communactio with others.


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