Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

As we are living in a contemporary era where virtual world has made a tremendous impact on the lives of people with an increase in technological devices and its development with time. In the field of diverse businesses, it has given an immersive technological scope by leading to have an increase in the profit for the small scale businesses.  By providing a platform through which the businesses not only get more popularity among masses but also they flourish more. We have many virtual phone systems which provide an opportunity to small scale businesses. There are various best virtual systems like MyOperator, Vonage, Grasshopper, CallHippo, UniTel Voice, FreedomVoice, TalkRoute, RingCentral, Nextiva, eVoice and Ooma available online for the small businesses.  So without further ado here is what you are searching for. In this article I am telling you about the five top most best virtual phone systems for small business. So here we go;

  1. UniTel Voice      

Talking about UniTel Voice, a system that is affordable, having amazing features, best call quality, user friendly, and has an amazing customer service. It is basically a virtual system that is cloud based perfectly developed and modified for the small businesses.  What is the best about UniTel Voice is that there is no need to download a software or even to keep the hardware maintained. Isn’t it amazing though! It is a virtual PBX which can be easily accessed, afforded and to set up hence providing a professional system to the small business owners. For the fastest growth of the business and smooth running of them UniTel Voice is the best option for the entrepreneurs. It lets you choose a toll number of your own choice that best suits your business, amazing to record the professional greetings through voicemails and easily forwards the calls from anywhere like fax, home or office phones. 

It is really the best option to initiate, run and grow your business.

  • Nextiva

Nextiva is considered to be the best phone system which provides a service including of easy to use and having incredible features of reasonable pricing, its quick setup ad fast call services as well. It makes the owners/entrepreneurs a pro by efficiently managing the services through nextiva. Nextiva’s VOIP phone service is a unified platform for toll free and local free numbers, managing caller ids, routing, custom greetings, voicemails, text messages, faxing, excellent calling quality and call forwarding. The most amazing feaure is that it starts from the $19.95 per user every month and guess what??? This pricing gets lower and cheaper as per addition of the ore users.

  • Grasshopper

Through voice over internet protocol (VOIP), virtual phone numbers are offered to small businesses through the Grasshopper. It easily forwards calls to any mobile device or even a phone number. In order to manage the phone calls and accounts by providing a distinctive mobile and web app. Multiple extensions can be used for phone number, local and even the toll-free calls. This virual phone system provides free local and toll-free numbers for UK, USA and Canada. It provides 3 extensions and 1 local number by costing for $29.99 per month. The higher plans let you add more local numbers and increasing the number of users.

  • Ooma

A very popular VOIP phone provider that provides free toll numbers from 1-800 within amazingly affordable prices. The best thing is that you can set it up in minutes and it is very easy to do. It has all those amazing features which one entrepreneur can best have for their business like extension dialing, virtual receiver, smart mobile apps, music-on-hold, phone apps, and much more. Easy management of calls and addition of new members is all way too easy and possible through the control panel of Ooma. This plan is super easy and affordable for small businesses as it starts from $19.95 per month that includes of 500 free minutes and a free toll free number too. One can easily also purchase the discounted additional minutes as well. 

  • FreedomVoice

Another amazing cloud-phone system service, FreedomVoice provides you to track the usage of the business through virtual auto attendant and a mobile app too. Through FreedomVoice you do not need to invest in any expensive devices and equipment when all you need is just a smart phone that is directly managed through the professional phone system of FreedomVoice. It has many low cost plans by serving both the small and large scale businesses. It starts at a price of $9.95 per month with 400 minutes monthly.


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