Best Games And Applications For Mobile

The further, the more prominent place smartphones occupy in our life. For a devotee of an ancient game, installing chess on Android is an urgent and quite walk in the park . It’s enough to press a few of buttons. Here we are sharing Best Games And Applications For Android.It’s another matter which applications to prefer. the selection is sufficient and quite extensive.

Our choice largely depends on the needs that we are getting to use chess applications: for enjoying , analyzing, watching reports from the “scene” – tournaments and matches, for training.About this grouping of tasks, we’ll make today alittle overview of applications and games for smartphones.

Wifi Warden

Have an online connection, and you are feeling your internet speed is low? Download wifi warden application and check your wifi connection details.With this application, you’ll check the modem producer, the encryption and security, the recurrence and channel you’re on, the separation among you and therefore the switch and its subsequent force, and even the name and address of the passages you’re utilizing consistently.

This is helpful on the off chance that you simply got to make sure the wifi network you’re related to is secure, no matter whether it’s your own or a corporation at

Offline maps

You can’t go far without a map, and if within the old days you brought the language to Kyiv, now there are offline maps that employment even without the web . For travelling in Russia, we recommend the 2GIS app for Android and iOS.This is a really detailed directory of organizations with a map and a navigator. you’ll find addresses and phone numbers of companies, determine their opening hours, check out conveyance routes, find the required establishments (cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, banks, etc.).

Everything is taken under consideration on the map, up to traffic lights, fences and little passages between houses.The MAPS offers simple, fast and convenient maps of cities round the world.ME application for Android and iOS. The plans also are detailed here; you’ll find how to all or any the places that interest you. Driving, cycling and hiking trails are often created. When downloaded to a smartphone, maps don’t take up much space on the device.

Droidfish Chess

DroidFish is an Android port of 1 of the simplest chess engines Stockfish combined with a graphical interface.It has all the benefits of a high-quality chess product: the power to play, time control, analysis of games and positions, editing the looks.lichess Free Online Chess
Mobile version of 1 of the simplest , you’ll also play online chess portal

To get started, you’ll visit the leading portal from your computer and explore the chances . and that they are wealthy: playing online for a rating with a huge selection of opponents – about 10,000 people: online, batch analysis, training and far more.

Flight search – Aviasales

The largest program for tickets for those that like better to fly by plane. Aviasales doesn’t sell air tickets themselves but looks for the simplest flight options. Which airline to shop for a ticket from – you opt for yourself. There are many filters within the app, therefore the search process is pretty quick.

If there’s no flight from one city to a different, you’ll build a sophisticated route. once you flick through the choices, you’ll see at a look whether the ticket price includes carry-on and luggage, also as their maximum allowable weight. There is a “Price Calendar” tool, which shows which days it’ll be cheaper to fly to a specific city. you’ll also subscribe to the destinations and dates you would like within the app so as to not miss the foremost profitable flight option.


A unique mini-position 5 * 5 is made for every task. The mini-position solution allows you to know the thought for solving the first position.It is, in my opinion, a superb tactics simulator. Let me remind you that tactical vision must be trained regularly. it’s very convenient to possess such a program on a smartphone. you’ll arrange your tactics training anywhere at the proper time.

There are both free configuration options and paid ones.

Teaching chess – from simple to difficult

This application may be a quite guide to the planet of chess. He will introduce the essential rules of chess, show the thanks to improve the skill of a player .There are over 100 topics during this tutorial. additionally to the principles of the sport , methods of playing in various stages of the sport and typical combinations are described over 1200 examples and exercises.

Follow Chess

You are viewing games from tournaments and matches online.For me, just an irreplaceable tool. the appliance allows online viewing of several games on one screen.


You can also make your moves on the board, while the engine will analyze the choices . The panel will refresh when the players within the game make a move.You can view all games already played, standings and other information about the tournament and players.

So there’s a choice. Look Best Games And Applications For Android, choose, install it on your smartphone and luxuriate in the games and applications.!


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