6 Best Broadband Internet Connection Providers in India

What is that one part of your everyday life that you cannot live without? No, I am not talking about oxygen, food, or shelter – it’s the INTERNET. With the development of technology, billions of people are connected throughout the globe. And all this has been possible because of the internet. Imagine, if you didn’t have good internet connectivity during your lockdown days, then what would have happened? Well, a lot of us might have gone crazy due to boredom. So, having only an active net connection is not enough; your data network should have high speed as well. There are plenty of broadband providers in the market these days; however, choosing the best one for your needs can be confusing. Moreover, the work from home culture requires a solid internet connection all the time. Read on to find about some of the best broadband internet connection providers in India.

DEN Broadband 

DEN networks – a renowned entertainment and mass media company. The vision behind the organization’s establishment is to provide unmatched video entertainment to its customer base. The DEN network is known to be India’s rapidly-growing fixed internet connection services. In just a little amount of time, the company has managed to be on par with all the leading internet service providers in India. The company provides several monthly data plans under just Rs 1000 and is currently available in few cities of Jodhpur, Gurgaon, New Delhi, and Kanpur.  


Airtel Broadband

Airtel connection is present in almost all over the country. The broadband company keeps coming up with new schemes and plans to please its vast customer base. Airtel is known for its unlimited internet plans – if you add a plan of Rs 299 + tax to any of your existing internet plans then it can be converted into an unlimited data plan. Airtel offers a wide variety of plans providing high-speeds above 40mbps. The new Airtel Xstream Fiber plan provides 1 Gbps speed with unlimited data, unlimited calls, high-speed wifi calling, and essential services. The latest addition to the Airtel network is the V-Fiber. Vectorisation is introduced in India and it distributes higher bandwidth by limiting the intrusion in the connection. 

Spectra Broadband

Spectranet is available in a few selective pin codes in 6 cities in India. Their data plans come with a monthly cap of 1000 GB. Moreover, there is no availability of unlimited packs as of now until you subscribe to an annual connection plan. The internet providers deliver high-speeds of 1Gbps at a cost-effective price of Rs 2,999 + tax in the city of Noida. The wifi plans vary as per different cities. 

Act Fibernet

Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT) have their fibernet plans across several states in South India. The new addition to their bucket is metro cities like New Delhi. ACT provides several options of limited data plans such as the ACT Platinum Pro with a speed of 150Mbps and a data cap at 1000GB at Rs 999 + tax (this data plan also comes with an additional promo offer of 1000gb data), the ACT Diamond plan with a speed of 150Mbps and a data cap at 1250GB for Rs 2349, among others. All ACT plans are monthly and they drop to 1Mbps speed once you cross the FUP. Overall, the company provides reasonable monthly data tariffs. 

You Broadband

You wifi connectivity is available in the states of Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. The service provider is known for catering to corporate, residential, and SME customers. The organization proposes 100 Mbps monthly data for Rs 1,572 with a FUP of 250 GB. The broadband company is still updating their wifi service plans. Nonetheless, It is considered to be one of the best wifi internet services for the home.


MTNL Broadband

MTNL is one of the oldest internet service providers in the country. Although they provide several options for broadband plans, they are a little too pricey. According to the MTNL website, all the MTNL broadband services plan come under a fixed unlimited plan (FUP) where the speed limit drops to 1 or 2 Mbps once you hit the FUP limit. The MTNL FUP limit has been raised and will be revised at the start of the next year.


We are sure that there are other broadband services as well in your cities. You can comment or talk to us about them on our social media handles. There are millions of users now, hence many internet service providers deliver quite affordable and unlimited packs in a particular zone. Hence, before choosing your internet provider make sure to check in and around your locality. Don’t forget to carry out your research. 



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